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ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests)

K-12 Research Idaho is a Personal Public Service Project funded entirely from Retirement Benefits.

Results from ISAT by SBAC

  1. ISAT "scale score" to "percentile rank" conversion tables  (2015
    ISAT "scale score" to "percentile rank" conversion tables  (2016)
  2.   new Idaho's ISAT "percentile results" - 2015 vs. 2016  (PDF)new
      new Percentile Calculator (for District, School or Classroom) (XLSX) Excel Worksheet

  3. Idaho's ISAT "effect size results" - 2015 to 2016  (PDF)

Understanding ISAT by SBAC

  1. What Percent Proficient or Advanced means in the new ISAT (15-010)
  2. Idaho's SBAC "Grade 10" graduation requirement is unreasonable ( 16-002)
  3. Scale scores are needed to understand ISAT results (16-003)  [Achievement levels are inadequate.]

ISAT (before SBAC)

ISAT vs. NAEP Trends for Reading and Mathematics: Grades 4 and 8, 2003 to 2011 (PDF)

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