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The NAEP 2017 Student Surveys

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National Assessment of Educational Progress
Student Surveys for 2017, Grades 4 and 8
Mathematics, Reading and Writing

A word about NAEP and the student surveys

[1]. The NAEP team removes the student’s name from the test booklet before it leaves the school for scoring. The NAEP assessment is not anonymous, but it is confidential. NAEP contracts with one company to sample students and administer the test (name needed). A second contractor to score the test and tally the surveys (name not needed). A third contractor to analyze the data and report the results to the National Assessment Governing Board (name not needed).

[2]. The student will see content and survey questions for only ONE subject: mathematics, reading OR writing. A random selection process determines which subject a student will see. The student (or anyone in the school) will not know which subject until the NAEP team visits the school on the test day.

[3]. NAEP publishes the student survey questions so parents can review them with their children before the test. The survey questions describe the context in which student learning takes place. There is no requirement that a student answer any or all of the survey questions, but each response is informative and useful, and encouraged. Parents can discuss with their children how to best respond (or not to respond) to each survey question.

[4]. Please keep in mind that NAEP removes your child's name from the test/survey booklet before it sent off to be scored, and that NAEP reports survey results only at the state level.

Grade 4 Mathematics 

Grade 4 Reading 

Grade 4 Writing 

Grade 8 Mathematics 

Grade 8 Reading 

Grade 8 Writing

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