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Idaho Student Achievement and State Education Spending, 2000-2013 (PDF)

The Supervision and Control of Idaho Schools (HTML)

The "Reform Attack" on Public Schools

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Stoneberg, B.D. (2015). The relationship between the rigor of a state's proficiency standard and student achievement in the state.
Available online:

 Mapping Study 2013: State Proficiency Standards vs. Student Achievement (PDF)

The “Link” Between Education Spending and Student Performance: A Twisted Link (PARE)

SAT Scores Are Statistically Unsuitable For Cross-State Comparisons (PDF)

Rigor of State Proficiency Standards as NAEP Equivalent Scores vs. Overall Student Achievement as NAEP Scale Scores, NAEP 2009 (PDF);  
and NAEP 2013 (ERIC)

Do NAEP Results Support Expectation that Tiered Teacher Licensing Systems Lead to Higher Achievement? No!  (PDF)

The Albertson Foundation / Idaho Education News Voices

Stoneberg, B. (2013, June 17). Use grade levels to understand NAEP. Available online:
Misreporting student achievement data is not going to help anyone make informed decisions about K-12 education in Idaho.

Stoneberg, B. (2014, July 18). Comparing spending and academic results is unrealistic. Available online:
Public schools in Idaho and across the nation should not be expected to do the impossible, nor should they be condemned when they fail the impossible.

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