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The Supervision and Control of Idaho Schools (HTML)

The Albertson Foundation's "Reform Attack" on Idaho Public Schools

A.  "Don't Fail Idaho" (DFI) by the Albertson Foundation

  1. A Close Look at DFI's Student Achievement Message (PDF)
  2. Albertson Foundation's DFI Misreports Student Achievement (PDF)
  3. Idaho Education Field Guide Confuses NAEP vs NCLB Definitions of "Proficient" (PDF)
  4. No Difference in Achievement for Idaho Charter vs. Neighborhood Schools (PDF)
  5. Using Grades (i.e., A, B, C) to Understand NAEP's Achievement Levels (PDF)

B. The ReThink Series: Knowledge Base of Education Facts (ReThink) by the Alberton Foundation

  1. Comparing Change in Spending and Achievement Is Unrealistic: A Twisted Link (PDF
  2. Real Cost-Benefit Analysis Is Needed in American Public Education (PARE)
  3. Idaho Student Achievement and State Education Spending, 2000-2013 (PDF)

C. People's Perspective: Quality and Equity (Q&E) by the Albertson Foundation 

  1. Albertson Foundation Survey:  The Report and the Questions w/Responses
  2. Short "Critical Response" to the Report (PDF) (PowerPoint)

Stoneberg, B.D. (2015). The relationship between the rigor of a state's proficiency standard and student achievement in the state.
Available online:

 Mapping Study 2013: State Proficiency Standards vs. Student Achievement (PDF)

SAT Scores Are Statistically Unsuitable For Cross-State Comparisons (PDF)

Rigor of State Proficiency Standards as NAEP Equivalent Scores vs. Overall Student Achievement as NAEP Scale Scores, NAEP 2009 (PDF);  
and NAEP 2013 (ERIC)

Do NAEP Results Support Expectation that Tiered Teacher Licensing Systems Lead to Higher Achievement? No!  (PDF)

Idaho Education News:  Voices

Stoneberg, B. (2013, June 17). Use grade levels to understand NAEP. Available online:
Misreporting student achievement data is not going to help anyone make informed decisions about K-12 education in Idaho.

Stoneberg, B. (2014, July 18). Comparing spending and academic results is unrealistic. Available online:
Public schools in Idaho and across the nation should not be expected to do the impossible, nor should they be condemned when they fail the impossible.

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