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SNAPSHOTS (Data Summaries)

K-12 Research Idaho is a Personal Public Service Project [funded from retirement benefits]

  1. Does NAEP Support an Expectation that Tiered Teacher Licensing Leads to Higher Achievement? (15-002)
  2. National Assessment Governing Board (NAEP) Doesn't Set "National Goals for Education" (15-007)
  3. Mapping Study 2013: State Proficiency Standards vs. Student Achievement (15-008 / Expanded version in ERIC)
  4. What "Percent Proficient or Advanced" Means in Idaho's New ISAT (15-010)
  5. Achievement Level Results Can Contradict Scale Score Results: An Example from NAEP (16-001)
  6.  Idaho's SBAC Grade 10 Graduation Requirement Is Unreasonable (16-002)
  7.  Scale Scores Are Needed to Understand Achievement-Test Results (16-003)
  8.  Idaho vs. other “poor states” and the nation in per-pupil spending, FY 2013 (16-004)
  9.  ISAT/SBAC Reading 2015: Idaho Percentiles vs. "Proficiency" Cut-Score (16-005)
  10.  Idaho vs. National K-12 Per-Pupil Expenditures, FY2004 through FY2013 (16-006)
  11.  icon new SBAC “percent proficient vs. percentiles” gives different pictures of student achievement (17-001)

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